Montana Space Grant Consortium

The Montana Space Grant Consortium, which is supported by NASA, is pleased to offer $1,000 annual scholarships, with automatic renewal for up to two additional years at $1,500 a year (certain conditions apply; please check the MT Space Grant Consortium website for additional details)! These scholarships are available to GFC MSU students in the fields of science, math, engineering, technology, or other areas of interest to NASA, which include health and business. The scholarship is for tuition and is based on academic excellence, the student's career goals, how they tie to NASA, and their letter of recommendation. The deadline for application is October 1st.

Online applications and instructions can be found at:

 The Montana Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) includes a range of member colleges and universities in Montana, Including Great Falls College MSU. Only students that are US citizens and are currently attending one of the Consortium's member campuses are eligible for the scholarships. The campus affiliate at GFC MSU is Biology instructor Brenda Canine, who can be contacted at or 406-771-4435.

Deadline: Applications are due each year on October 1st

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Financial Aid Office
2100 16 Avenue South
Great Falls, MT  59405

Voice: 406.771.4334   
Toll Free: 800.446.2698  
FAX: 406.771.4410