2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated cost of attendance (COA) is a standardized estimate of the overall cost for a student to attend Great Falls College Montana State University for one academic year.  It includes both direct costs owed to the school, like tuition and fees, and indirect costs such as transportation, which the student may incur, but are not owed to the school. As a result, COA is an amount greater than what the student will be charged. The Cost of Attendance is used to establish a student's eligibility for need-based aid and helps to determine the maximum amount of aid a student can receive in a given academic year.

Total $10,265 $20,530 $7,457 $14,914 $14,427 $28,854
  Resident Students Resident Dependent Students Living With Parents Non Resident Students
Category Semester Academic Year Semester Academic Year Semester Academic Year
Book/Supply/Material/Equipment $700 $1,400 $700 $1,400 $700 $1,400
Loan Fees $17 $34 $17 $34 $17 $34
Misc Personal Expenses $1,852 $3,704 $1,852 $3,704 $1,852 $3,704
Living Expenses (Housing/Food) $4,704 $9,408 $1,896 $3,792 $4,704 $9,408
Transportation $1,040 $2,080 $1,040 $2,080 $1,040 $2,080
Tuition and Fees $1,952 $3,904 $1,952 $3,904 $6,114 $12,228


Descriptions of the components included in a student's estimated COA:

  • Tuition and Fees is the base charge for students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester. Tuition and fees will adjust accordingly based on enrollment status. The figures do not include lab, course, or health insurance fees (required for students who do not have other health coverage). Complete Tuition and fee schedules may be viewed HERE.
  • Living Expenses (Housing/Food) allowances represent reasonable estimates. Actual food and housing costs will vary, depending on a student’s living arrangements and lifestyle. Great Falls College does not offer on-campus housing. Allowances are based on either living off-campus or living with parent. Dependent students will be assigned a “with parent” living expense allowance if “with parent” is indicated as the housing type selected on the student’s FAFSA.
    • Housing Off-campus allowances are based on publicly reported county housing data for one person including utility expenses. “With parent” allowances are based on publicly reported county housing data for 1/3 of the cost of a three-person household, including utilities.
    • Food Off-campus allowances are based on publicly reported county daily food cost data for one person for three meals per day. “With parent” food allowances are based on publicly reported county daily food cost data for one person for one meal per day.
  • Books/Supplies/Material/Equipment allowances are based on student bookstore charge account averages for books and supplies. Estimated course materials are included based on major and are based on average material fees that are charged as program and/or course fees. These allowances are prorated for enrollment status. The Books/Supplies/Material/Equipment component may be adjusted based on actual amounts by request.
  • Transportation  allowances are based on a reasonable daily commute in the Great Falls city limits to and from home, work, or campus two times a day for five week days at the current MT state mileage rate.
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses  allowances are based on publicly reported county data for expenses such as clothing, personal care items, broadband, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Loan Fee allowances are based on fees associated with the average annual debt of all students at GFCMSU.
  • Licensing/Certification Cost allowances are based on course fees associated with exams, practice exams and materials, licensure costs, or other data obtained from program faculty. Allowance for these fees will be added for students enrolled in the final year of coursework for programs that require licensure or certification.  

If a student is attending in ONLY ONE BLOCK in a semester, staff will manually adjust Housing and Food, Miscellaneous Personal Expenses, and Transportation to prorate for the less than full semester timeframe.

Additional components of individual students’ cost of attendance may be considered for documented expenses such as dependent care, disability-related expenses, or computer purchase.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.  

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